Adobe Flash Player

I have Mint 17.2 64 bit. Up to today I have been able to play videos on the BBC News site without any problem. Today when I tried to play one I get a message saying Flash player needed to play this video - download now. When I click the download nothing happens. I can’t understand why this has happened, as far as I know I haven’t altered anything. Is there an alternative video play I can use? I would appreciate some advice. Thank you.

Which web browser ?

and what’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep flash

Firefox and:

graham@graham-HP-ProBook-455-G2 ~ $ dpkg -l | grep flash
ii adobe-flashplugin 1:20160712.1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 amd64 Adobe Flash Player plugin
ii libhal1-flash 0.3.1 amd64 Compatibility library to allow playback of Flash DRM content
ii mint-flashplugin-steam amd64 Flash plugin for Steam
graham@graham-HP-ProBook-455-G2 ~ $

It’s OK. I have solved the problem, the plugin for some reason was disabled.

Okey dokey :slight_smile:

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