Adobe Flash Player ?

i’m new to ubuntu. and i know i seem quite annoying but i guess it’s like learning to walk all over again. lmao.

but could someone help me… i have no idea which version of flash player i need for ubuntu 10.04 :confused:

here the link…

Don’t download it from Adobe… Always check to see if it’s available in you package manager first.

You need to install ubuntu-restricted-extras in your package manager (synaptic)

Installing this package will pull in support for MP3 playback and decoding,
support for various other audio formats (GStreamer plugins), Microsoft fonts,
Java runtime environment, Flash plugin, LAME (to create compressed audio
files), and DVD playback.

Please note that this does not install libdvdcss2, and will not let you play
encrypted (retail) DVD’s.

So you might want to install libdvdcss2 as well :slight_smile: (also in synaptic)

OR from a terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras libdvdcss2

thanks for that :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

was just on youtube about 5 mins ago. there seems to be some sort of lag been the video & audio :S
that never happened to me when i used windoze :frowning:

help :(?

i keep getting distorted noises. and is there a adobe flasher player plug-in for chrome on ubuntu?
ohhh :frowning:

In your browser, can you go to;


And tell is which version of Flash you’re running …

I experienced also with libdvdcss2 difficulties: k9copy is a good workaround.

Adobe Flash… the ONLY area I’ve had problems in Linux, that said I was using old hardware (an ATI 7000 IGP graphics chip) that was no longer supported, not so much a problem with Linux more a problem with ATI, and I’ve managed to vastly improve things.

AFAIK, If you installed the flash plugin through the ubuntu-restricted-extras package you should be on the latest version, and it “should” work with both Chrome and Firefox, but just to be sure, do as MP suggests and enter about:plugins into both the Chrome and FF address bars and hit enter, then let us know which version of the flash plugin you are using.

If Chrome isn’t picking up the plugin, did you install Chrome before the plugin… try reinstalling Chrome

Can you explain what you mean by

Is this actually an audio issue, or do you mean video lag?, and is this ONLY during flash playback (are MP3’s, AVI’s, MPG’s etc. OK)?

Can you tell us what hardware you are using… the hardinfo package might help with this… once installed, launch from Applications>System Tools>System Profiler and Benchmark


If this is just a video lag problem

I remember from an earlier thread, you were trying to install the drivers for an nVidia card…

Did you get the nVidia proprietary drivers installed?, and did this issue only appear then?

Which nVidia drivers are you using, and have you tried to configure them?
Instruction for configuring nVidia drivers can be found here:‘etcx11xorg-conf’!/msg2252/#msg2252
AFAIK these instructions should be OK with Ubuntu 10.04, but I haven’t personally tested this, as I don’t use Lucid… so I’m afraid they are a “try at your own risk” deal.

If you’re using Ubuntu 10.04 and nVidia drivers please follow the following instructions;

a. Read announcement on home page re; Ubuntu 10.04
b. Follow this up by reading the thread here
c. Redirect expletives towards “Ubuntu” rather than “Linux” - they are not the same thing (!)
d. Bang head against wall for not reading the forums before installing Ubuntu
e. Send email to Ubuntu indicating the nature and extent of your dissatisfaction
d. Wipe machine and re-install with Ubuntu 9.10


If you have a half-way decent machine, flash video playback should be 100% , and it should work with minimal effort on 9.10 either by using Synaptic to install the Adobe flash player package, or by downloading the “.deb” directly from the Adobe website. (it will install on the desktop using gdebi with little/no fuss) Any sort of accelerated graphics card in the £30+ range, I would expect full-screen playback of flash to also be picture perfect. Despite incantations by his holiness “the jobs”.

By distorted noises i mean, as i go into youtube and playback a video, it seem the audio will amplify itself and come out as if it was sort of static, but loud. I have the latest Adobe Flash player install, which i installed before chrome… and i am using the Recommended drivers for Nvidia. I have a Nvidia GS8400 acceleration graphics card which i am running dual screen monitors on and I have a HD sound card by Reltek. I am still unaware if Reltek makes drivers for Ubuntu. Music as in MP3’s, AAC, etc all work perfectly fine. Videos playback fine aswell MPEG 4, FLV, etc. But there is a delay between Video playback & Audio playback whenever i use youtube, or any other Video hosting site. I do have a decent machine, my PC is only 2 years old. So far Ubuntu has been great. Its just this small problem that seems to be doing my head in :(. My windoze never done this… XD.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the adobe-flashplugin package in Synaptic
Does Chrome pick up the plugin… type about:plugins into the Chrome address bar… is flash listed?
also try this… right-click the speaker icon by the clock, select “Sound Preferences”, select the “Input” tab and check the input volume isn’t set to high (above Unamplified).
You might want to select the “Applications” tab, and see if there is anything in there that might need adjusting.

if you installed Chrome from the official .deb package, it will have added the repo to your repository list, so you if you search in Synaptic “now”, there should be an option to install google-chrome-unstable (Chrome version 6)which installs its own flash plugin… but note the unstable part of the name… works perfectly so far for me though.

if you install Chrome 6, go back to the “Applications” tab in sound preferences (if needed) because I now have an ALSA plugin for Chrome listed there, and I am unsure if this was there before.

nope no luck at all… i reinstalled the restricted extras package via Synatpic, and then i installed Chrome 6 via Googles download pages, i then installed the unstable version yet it still didnt pick it up when i typed in about:plugins. And i check my sound preferences and everything is still default and non amplified. I cant think of anything else :/.

Shouldn’t be too hard to get flash player to work in Google Chrome… See here:

it never worked. but never mind. i made a work around. only thing i cant do, is use picnik image editor (flickr) or use the pixlr image editor :frowning:

Why not use the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)?
I’ve never used either of those online photo editors but I’m pretty sure that editing them locally in the GIMP would be better… IMO it’s much better than Photoshop once you get used to its interface, and you’ll find there are plenty of good online tutorials.

If you want to install the GIMP in Lucid (it used to come pre-installed in Ubuntu until 10.04) see here:
or install the gimp package from synaptic
or from a terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gimp

You might also want to install gimp-plugin-registry and gimp-data-extras (again from the synaptic package manager)
or from a terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry gimp-data-extras