After Ubuntu release 16, is there Peppermint 7?

After releasing of Ubuntu 16 , is there Peppermint 7? soon ?

Hi Hayder

Now Ubuntu 16.04 is released work on Peppermint 7 is underway, at this point we can’t give an exact release date but all going well you can expect it sometime in May or early June, so if you or anyone else has any ideas they would like to see in Peppermint 7 now would be a good time to let us know


Thank you , and good luck

LONG TIME Waiting…

Sorry Hayder but Peppermint is released only when it’s considered as bug free and tested as possible … so it’ll be ready when it’s ready I’m afraid :wink:

I can’t be more specific than that, right at the moment we have it pretty much ready for the final build but if any other bugs are spotted we’ll hold the release until either we fix them or we can work with upstream devs to fix them.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of distros that release to a fixed schedule, then fix bugs on the fly … I’d rather wait for something that’s pretty stable from the outset.

The upstream switch to sytemd introduced a whole new set of ‘wrinkles’ that needed to be ironed out … We’re pretty much ‘there’, but as I suggested Peppermint will be released only when it’s been well tested and deemed “ready” :wink:

Would you really want it any other way ?

Keep on your great job… :slight_smile:

Hi Mark

I’m very much looking forward to installing POS 7 on my two Acer ZG5’s. Will you be posting a ZG5 specific tutorial again for this installation? I hope so as I’m running on dedicated POS 6 i.e. no dual boot and want to overwrite but keep some of my apps (ppa’s) and customisations.

Thank you…

Hi Screagle,

Peppermint 7 is now out, but I don’t think I can do another tested ZG5 specific tutorial as my little Acer(s) finally gave up the ghost … and I don’t like posting tutorials I can’t test.

I’m more than willing to walk through the installation with you though, figuring out any problems as we go ?

Thanks Mark, very kind of you. I’ll start with my white ZG5 that’s not got anything important on it and take a file backup then I’ll have a crack at following the POS 6 tutorial making adjustments for POS 7 as I go. I’ll probably start next weekend as that’s when I was expecting the 32-bit ISO’s to be available. I’ve got a couple of ultra speed 64GB USBs to hand that should come in useful. The basic spec of the 2008 / 09 ZG5 is 1.5gb RAM, 64GB Supertalent SSD with an Intel bgn wifi card (the one we couldn’t get the Bluetooth to work!). Let me know if you need a more detailed spec. I’ll post results here…

I can’t actually see anything in the PM6 tutorial that would give you problems except the part about compiling acerhdf for fan control … but I don’t think that part is necessary any more anyway as acerhdf is now in the kernel (though you may still need to tweak the config file for it)

Just go through the PM6 tutorial and post if you come across any problems

Mark, it all went well - thanks! It was great to refresh the ZG5’s. One hitch I came across during the install was when I checked 3rd party software I could not progress beyond the next screen where you tick all five boxes. It would only progress if I went back and unchecked the 3rd party software box. The fan fix worked and I did not have to adjust Skype mic levels.

Great stuff, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

I think it does eventually progress with the 3rd party stuff … but it takes a good while.