Ahh, but can your £600 Android smartphone do this ?

Ahh, but can your £600 Android smartphone do this ?


Never tried that but yesterday I did try dropping my Samsung Galaxy down the toilet (accidentally I might add) my conclusions are don’t try this at home folks :frowning:

The latest Sony Android phone can do that …

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What ? … survive a blender ?

or survive a dunking ?

I can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Mini can NOT survive a dunking :frowning:

What ? .. survive a blender ?

(dunno, waiting for someone try think “really?” and try it …) :wink:

[but yes, they’re “water resistant”]

Take it apart and put it in a bowl of rice (uncooked) for 24 hours and it should draw all the moisture out.

You surely have too much time on your hands MARK ;).

Evaporating tap water from an electronic device will likely kill it … any kind of flood damage (including clean tap water) will likely leave behind mineral residues … if it hasn’t already died from a short circuit it needs to be washed in distilled water first … THEN dried.

This is exactly why you see the black box from a plane that’s crashed in water being taken away on a bucket of water … they CANNOT be allowed to dry before washing with distilled water (or even better a mild solvent that’s designed for the purpose).

Now there’s a piece of info you’ll likely never use :wink:

But that rice thing is an old wives tale, and no different to evaporation through warming … and most definitely shouldn’t be done to delicate electronics such as a phone that’s been dropped in the bog.

General rule of thumb is to immediately remove the battery (if possible), keep them wet preferably in a distilled water bath, and seek professional advice … but at the VERY least wash in distilled water before drying.

Your other option is to take the opportunity to test my blender theory :slight_smile: