Alternative to Linux Lite


I used Linux Mint for a while until about a year ago when my Graphics card died, causing the system to crash. I’ve since relied on the integrated graphics card (think it’s NVIDIA GeForce 6100), but was not able to re-install Linux Mint. I tried one or two other alternatives (can’t remember which) but had the same problem, then found success with Linux Lite (2.8). This has been ‘good enough’, but is fairly basic and it does not work with my sound card, so no sound for ages!. I’ve kept with this whilst completing a course I was doing because I didn’t want to risk not having a working computer. Course now over, so I want to try other Linux operating systems. Any ideas please? Something basic, simple, but better than Linux Lite. Zorin was around a while ago, which I vaguely remember as having a good press - is this still about and is it light enough to hopefully work?
Other system details: AMD Athlon tm 64 Processor 3500+, 150 GB memory, 512KB working memory. I’m not good on techie stuff, but assume the sound card is Audio Adapter NFORCE -Intel ICH. May have to buy another computer, but happy to stick with what I have if I can get a good enough Linux operating system to work on it. Thanks

When you say

512KB working memory
I assume you mean 512MB. That is on the low side. Try to increase it if you can.

You need a lightweight distro. Look at Light-weight Linux distribution - Wikipedia . You will see Linux Lite there.

Note that you cannot add heavyweight apps to a lightweight distro and expect it to still be light!

Especially try LXLE and Antix/MX Linux.

Hi - If you like Mint then take a look at Mint XFCE. It’s a stripped down version that still has all the essentials included and runs well on older machines. Comprehensive details here -

Alternatively, Peppermint is another good choice.

HTH, Rich

Btw - +1 for upping the RAM if possible - put your machine details into a site like Crucial (for instance) and it will show compatible memory and prices.

Thanks guys, I’ll check your suggestions out :smiley: