Am going crazy please help !!!!!!

I am building a new pc and want to use linux operating system
Need to know what one would be best for me
And can it all can be done with no optical drive (usb) ?
I have an asus h81m-plus motherboard with pentium g3258 and want to use onboard graphics for now.
Thanks any help would be great!!!

I’d say that’ll run most if not all distro’s fine

Personally I’d suggest Peppermint or Mint (disclosure I’m one of the Peppermint developers, so read into that whatever you will).

Sure, either of those can be booted from a USB stick (LiveUSB) for installation … just use this:

on a windows PC to write the ISO image to the USB stick

If you’re using Linux … just ask and we’ll tell you how to create a LiveUSB in Linux

Thanks mark for quick reply, now i can start reading so i can understand how to use peppermint just dont want anything to go wrong.
Am a noob and was a bit confusing trying to find one that i knew would work for me. Need to get flash drive can you tell me how much gb i will need on stick to do the job and can it be a normal flash drive that i will turn in to a live drive?

If you’re going with Peppermint, and only want to use the USB stick as an installation media … 1GB or larger (the ISO weighs in at under 600MB)

If however you want to go with Mint, you’ll want at least 2GB or larger

And if you want to use the USB stick as a portable OS (eg. be able to save settings and stuff), the bigger the better up to 8GB.

can it be a normal flash drive that i will turn in to a live drive?

Yes, that’s precisely what that application I mentioned does … it turns a standard USB stick into a bootable LiveUSB with the distro of your choice on it.

BTW, I’m going to move this topic and append it to the end of your original topic … it “scans” better that way :slight_smile:

How much RAM does this machine have? That pretty much dictates which would be best