Am I getting updates

I’m not really sure if I have a problem here but I just want to make sure if possible

I haven’t had any updates for weeks now I don’t know exactly how long but certainly longer than normal, it could be that there have just been no updates but one program I have definitely has an updated version (Mediaelch) in fact I’m informed every time I open it with a link to the download page but when I go to the link it just offers the PPA which is the same PPA I already have listed for that program, if I update the system then try to install I’m told I already have the latest version (which I don’t), It could be the new version of Mediaelch is for a later Ubuntu version but if that’s the case then why am I being offered an update

Confused ???


Do you get any errors if you start your update in the terminal?

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

No errors reported with either command

If it is just one application then not to worry.
I too get a notification from Thunderbird every now and again that a new version is available, but there is nothing in the repos.
It is the application itself checking for updates, not the package manager.

Ok thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:


Peppermint 4 ?

Peppermint 4 ?


You’ll not get any new updates … Ubuntu 13.04 is now “end of life”, so no new software will be added to the repos … furthermore, nobody will be able to update any software for 13.04 in their PPA’s as launchpad no longer has the option to build packages against 13.04