After playing about on my acer aspire one i understand a little more now, not alot mind you but a bit more. i find my self stuck amsn prompts me to upgrade and that a newer version is available.I am not sure where and how to install it i would like to as my webcam does not seem to work on the old msn setup thats on the aspire nor on the amsn version i have.

many thanks for any help given…

Updating aMSN in Linpus Lite will be awkward (or impossible) unless you are getting told there is an update available from the repositories.

Are you being told there is an update available by Linpus Lite … or by aMSN ?

a word of advice … updating aMSN will NOT give you webcam support … Microsoft keep changing the video protocol, so developers of third party IM clients seem to have given up on supporting video on the MSN network.

So until Microsoft decide to stop messing around, or release a Linux version of MSN (yeh, right) …

If you NEED video … use Skype.

it was in a pop up window every time i first log on to amsn it tells me a newer version is available. is there a way to use my webcam then would skype support it.

ps thankyou for your help and prompt replies as always.

The webcam works fine in Skype.

There is an easy installer for Skype on the Acer site here:

Though my personal suggestion would be to ditch Linpus Lite in favor of PeppermintOS … see these topics -

for what people who’ve changed seem to think:

Tutorial here: