An alternative to MS Publisher?

I have recently swapped from Windows to Mint 13. My daughter (11) needs to do some homework in which previously I would have used MS Publisher. Is there an equivalent to Publisher that she can learn to use quite quickly?

You could take a look at Scribus and see if that fits the bill … to install, open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run:

sudo apt-get install scribus scribus-templates

(or through your package manager)

Scribus website:
but don’t download it from there.

Whilst by no means a complete list, you may find this handy in the future:

I copied and pasted that command into the terminal but I got the following

Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package scribus-templates

That should read:

sudo apt-get install scribus scribus-template

At least in Linux Mint Debian it is like that.

Alternatively (for simplicity) you could try LibreOffice Draw (it should already be installed)

Many thanks SeZo. Scribus now installed :smiley:

Ooops, my fault … as SeZo says the extra templates package for Scribus is called “scribus-template” (non-plural) :-[

That happens to me too, all too often. :wink:

If your 11 year old find Scribus a bit heavy going, you can find some tutorials for LibreOffice Draw here.

Thanks Sezo I will take a look at that. She was a bit stumped by Scribus, it’s not that similar to MS DTP when you’re entering text and it isn’t obvious what the different fonts will look like. I can see it will take a bit of getting used to.

I forgive you, you helped me out a lot last week. :wink:

Another option would be to load Windows and Office in a Virtualbox virtual machine (VM) … kind of running Windows inside Linux, but where it boots MUCH quicker from a saved state.

From what I read, Publisher is rubbish running under WINE, so that’s probably out if the question … but a VM is definitely a possibility.

Obviously you’d need to have a Windows disk, and a copy of Office ?

Unfortunately I only have a windows 7 upgrade disk. My laptop had Vista pre-installed.

I would suggest to persevere with native Linux applications, they might be different but no less capable.
Going the VM route would be as a last result option only to be taken if you are absolutely just cannot get on with the native applications.

Lucidpress is a great alternative to Publisher that runs on PC, Mac, and Linux. And, you can use it for free! :slight_smile:

Nice, very much in the Peppermint spirit!

Or it would be if they had a free version you didn’t have to sign up for … so we could include an SSB for it in Peppermint.

Didn’t get that far, a bit disappointing really :frowning:
Why compete with MS Publisher, and not be free?

Oh it does say there’s a free version (as well as paid subscription) but you still have to sign up first which means we can’t provide a working link directly to it … so useless as a default SSB.

I’d rather not provide SSB’s out of the box that people have to sign up for … we do that with Google drive, and we’re always accused of being Google affiliated in some way which we’re NOT (in fact we don’t even use their search engine by default).

Yes, you do have to sign up, but you can use the basic version for free indefinitely.

We’re not doubting that scotty :slight_smile:

We were discussing whether it could be a useful as a default SSB (webapp in the menus by default out of the box) in Peppermint OS (which I’m part of the development team for).

Peppermint OS is a cloud oriented Linux distribution out of the box (though the use of webapps integrated into the menus), but also has full access to the Ubuntu software repositories if you want applications installed locally:-