Android PCs

I understand Android is another kind of Linux which are not compatible with each other. Can Android on a PC do pretty much the same things as Ubuntu and Windows. Firefox browser and various programmes, etc. It seems tablet PCs are going that way for the speed and reliability that it presumably offers. I have an Android CD but have not loaded it yet, more out of caution than anything else. Any information would be useful.

Android is an operating system that can run applications yes … but it is NOT like Windows or Linux in as far as it tends to want to run applications in full screen mode, not in a window … it was also designed with a touchscreen in mind as it’s target was smarthphones and tablets.

You could try an “Android x86” LiveUSB stick (or run it in a VM) if you want a look … but IMHO Android is NOT a viable replacement for a desktop OS … YET.

I’m 99% sure the kernel isn’t the same - as in, you can’t take the Android kernel and put into onto your Ubuntu system. Likewise, you can’t run Dalvik on Ubuntu either (as far as I am aware, anyway)

They are pretty much the same, and there’s been a real push to merge the remaining Android specific patches into the mainline kernel for a while now.

There are still some Android patches that aren’t in the kernel … but they’re getting closer all the time … they days of the mainline kernel maintainers refusing Android patches just for the hell of it are over.

Android IS Linux, but with a few of their own patches that the devs don’t want in their mainline kernel for one reason or another … the same can be said of the Ubuntu kernel :wink:

I loaded up the Android CD without installing which took quite a while, then all I got was a blanc screen. Nothing to see or to click. Either there’s a secret button to press that I don’t know about or its a faulty CD.

Where did you get this “Android CD” ?

I got it on eBay very cheaply. The CD looked genuine and the seller seemed OK, knowledgeable about Linux and computer repairs. If I can find an Android PC that I can boot without installing,I would still try it to see what its possibilities are. £2.99 post free
He has more for sale

There is no such thing as a “genuine” Android x86 disk.

He’s just downloaded the ISO’s from here:
burned them to CD, and is now selling them ::slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve ordered some CDs to download it myself. I hope it works.

There are different androids. Which one do I download ?. I have a desktop computer.
Android-x86 2.2 r2 Asus Laptop
Android-x86 2.2 r2 EeePC
Android-x86 2.2 r2 M1400
Android-x86 2.2 r2 S103T
Android-x86 2.2 r2 Sparta
Android-x86 2.2 r2 Tegav2
Android-x86 2.2 r2 TX2500

I don’t think you’re getting this … there is NO official release of Android x86 … just a bunch of people who’ve made versions for particular hardware.

If you don’t own the specific model the ISO’s were designed for … do some homework and find which model is the closest match for your hardware.

This is all going to be experimentation on your part … and there’s a chance that non of them will work with your hardware

If not, you could always run the eeepc version in a Virtualbox VM:

I give up.

As I said … run the eeepc version in Virtualbox.

IMHO you’re not missing much anyway.