Another blow to Windows?

It seems more people are becoming fed up with having to pay for Windows when they buy a new PC. And it would appear that the law has been on our side all along, just well hidden:

I gather you’ve been able to do this for quite some time … though a lot of places make it VERY awkward:

In light of this:
it would be interesting to know where PCWorld stand if you click to not accept the Windows license

I guess as a retailer, they can offer you a full refund on return of the goods. They’re not obligated to sell to you, and by offering a full refund, have fulfilled statutory rights. Easier for them than trying to remove Windows (especially where UEFI is concerned)

Hmm, Novatech… they have bare-bones PCs that one could positively drool over. One day perhaps.

I thought I would check with my local PC World emporium about their policy on returning Linux’ed PCs. They don’t make it easy, as their stores appear to be telephone-less. But a delightful lass at HQ tried to help me.
I began by asking if they would sell me a computer without an operating system (without me actually checking on their website). Apparently they do! Here’s an example:

Then we came to the difficult bit. I asked what their returns policy would be if I had a hardware problem after installing Linux. i[/i] The words “manufacturer’s guarantee” spilled out.

“No, no,” I responded, “Sale of Goods Act. My contract would be with you, so PC World would have to fight it out with the manufacturer.”

The “Ermmm” that followed did not auger well. “We do have a Care Plan …,” she ventured.

And you can guess the rest. But it’s a start. And if the product fails within the guarantee period (and we can only be talking BIOS or hardware), PC World has to prove that any failure is my fault before they can refuse a remedy, though I guess they would fight tooth & nail.

My point was…

In refusing to accept the Microsoft EULA at first boot the PC should inform you that Windows won’t run unless you do, but to see your retailer for a Windows refund … you’re under no obligation to give them the PC back if you choose not to, and in that case they’ve sold you a PC without an OS (as they didn’t ask you to accept there EULA at the time of the sale).

Now if they’ve legally sold you a PC without an OS … how can they refuse to fix it if it hasws Lin ux on it ? … do they expect you to use it without an OS ?

What I’m really saying is they pretty much ALWAYS sell PC’s “Without” an OS … it only has a functional Windows OS (and becomes a “Windows PC” when you accept the EULA on first run … prior to accepting the EULA it’s just a PC with some 1’s and 0’s on thee hard drive that don’t do much/anything
(to sell it to you WITH a functional Windows OS, they’d need to get you to agree to the EULA at the point/time of sale).