Another dumb question

It seems like whatever session I log into, gnome, kde, various windowmanagers… no matter which, I end up with 6 billion gnome and kde processes.

Is there anything I can do to prevent that. My login screen at the moment is kdm (I dunno if I want to change that, I am not sure I can be bothered spending an hour or so setting up something I look at for a few seconds, although it might not be so bad to just not have a graphical login like my laptop, although the convenience is that my laptop doesn’t have 5000 window managers on it now that I might want to just browse without knowing what I might choose).

But I understand that if I open any kde program then I get a million kio_file processes starting slowly over time, I am sure that can’t be supposed to happen? When I looked it up online someone said they start, then when they have done their job they wait around a bit to see if there is more to do and eventually end. I am wondering if maybe they are not getting the message when there is more to do, new ones are starting to take their place since they’re not picking up the slack, and so more and more come… but they don’t seem to be dying.

However even if I do make sure to start no kde programs I still seem to have kio_http files, I guess this is because kdm is not just a login screen but is making kde handle the communication between the browser and the internet as well? However the kio_http processes do not seem to cling on for dear life never dying, they die when they are supposed to, I don’t really have a problem with them or the multiple other gnome and kde related things I see in my process list. I just wonder if I need them, I mean if I had never installed gnome or kde but had just installed openbox, those processes would not be there right? Either they are doing a job that doesn’t need to be done, or there is something else that is or could be doing that job?

I don’t really mind having a really long process list… I mean, I would be more comfortable with it if I knew what everything on it did, which being long makes it harder, but I just don’t see why half of gnome and most of kde has to be running when I start a non gnome or kde session.

Ok, recap;

GNOME is the native, innovative, proper, good Linux GUI.

KDE is the Windows knock-off.

Go figure … ! :wink:

Expect to have 200-400 processes running on a desktop machine!

The main reason I’m using kdm instead of gdm to log in is because (I don’t know if its still the case) when I first installed fedora there was no option to change themes for gdm, you were stuck with the one that came packaged with fedora.

Blah, I am getting really tempted to just install everything all over again. My computer is getting too cluttered lol. I am quite growing to like this openbox thing, I think I might stick with it.

400 processes? Bah! What for?

Meh, anyway, I don’t mind it being the way it is now. It’s when it’s been running for a while and all those kio_file’s that build up over time are still there even if I close everything, leave it for ages, its not doing anything, why do they still need to be open? No, I think they are supposed to die but don’t…

But I still wonder how things would work if I had not installed gnome and kde to begin with…

Fedora, yes … I remember … it’s what Redhat put out when it pulled RH9 around 2003ish … steaming pile of **** at the time … I’ve tried it recently and it’s better, but not that much. kio_file is a KDE thing, so I’m afraid I’ve no idea even what the processes do, let alone why they are there.

Bit of history; KDE is built on “Qt” … at one point “Qt” (aka Trolltech) had the chance to corner the market and be “the” Linux desktop GUI, but it decided to try to abuse it’s position and make money, offering a commercial license and an overly restrictive ‘free’ license. Hence people stuck with and developed the ‘properly free’ (although inferior at the time) GNOME / Gtk UI. I think since then “Qt” have relented somewhat and the “Qt” license is now less restrictive (or free?) … but their chance has passed and eventually KDE will die.

You’re obviously free to play with KDE while it exists, but if you’re looking to develop a long-term useful skillset, you might be better advised to invest your time in GNOME … whereas KDE has some technical merit, politically it committed Seppuku a long time ago. (As you might guess, from a technical POV, I personally think it stinks)

Obviously I don’t really know anything about all that :stuck_out_tongue:
But if next week fedora is still annoying me I think I will install something else very basic and then just put Openbox and the stuff I want on it and get rid of fedora.
It didn’t particularily dislike it, but I had more fun with gentoo just because I got to choose everything, and the same goes with this openbox thing, its more fun because I am choosing everything and making it how I want.
So I think that might be my next plan.