Another Newbie

Hi All
The reason for joining, I know nothing about Linux but want to learn.
I have three PC’s and a laptop all runing Window’s. And am fedup of giving money to MXXXXsoft. So want to go to linux. Their the trouble starts which to use. I have some knowledge of computers (been building and upgradeing and repairing for a number of years), and as I say the troble starts their, which to chose.
Have looked at and downloaded both Ubuntu(10.04) and Mint.
Help required please ???

Hello Cockney, welcome!

Glad you’ve joined us :slight_smile:

If you’re starting out, Ubuntu and Mint are both good places to start. Mint tries to get a bit closer to windows - they have all the proprietary stuff that allows you to play DVDs and mp3s installed by default, and they try to make it simple coming from Windows.

Ubuntu, is slightly harder to get into, but we can talk you through any issues you might come up against, and to be honest, it more comes down to personal preference which you like best.

Personally, I started out with Ubuntu (Thanks MP!), and I’ve been very happy with it. If you get stuck at all, or if you need any advice or assistance, do ask us. We all started from scratch!

Also, there’s a phone number you can call to ask for help if you get stuck and need immediate help. It’s 0845 557 5609, and from memory, you’re charged £5 a call (Please correct me if I’m wrong someone, I’m not sure of the price)

I agree… either of those 2 as they’re both Ubuntu based (kinda obvious for Ubuntu :wink: ), there are plenty of other distro’s but you’ll find Ubuntu/Mint help easier to find.

I used to prefer Mint, basically for the Mint Menu’s search function (helps find stuff in the menu’s), but have now come to the conclusion Ubuntu’s menu’s are laid out better in the first place.

Mint installs a few extra codecs, flash player, etc. by default, but they can be easily added to Ubuntu by installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras package.

Ubuntu’s update manager is better, and occaisionally I used to have problems with adding PPA repos to Mint (easily solved, but extra work).

So though at first glance Mint looks like it would be easier to setup/use, I now think Ubuntu is less work in the long run, though there isn’t much between the two… so it’s up to you… personally I think the default Ubuntu theme looks better too.


Advice is free, but support calls are charged at £1 per minute.

Advice covers thing like “Will Linux work on my PC?”
Support would be “How do I make Linux work on my PC?”, or any technical query.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Thinking towards Ubuntu.
I use a small home network of four PC’s, for family use so they have all got their own computers. With a mix of xp and vista, so as you can see it will be a major change.
After what I have learnt so far I think I will migrate to linux on my 64bit machine first, then change the others when I learn enough to explain it to the family. After what you have said with Mint being closer to windows that will be on one of the pc’s and on the laptop (Wife and daughter) and mine and the son’s will be Ubuntu. but after MP’s warning will wait until the release of version 10.10.
Will be reading some more of the awsome documentation on until then.
I will be back.
Once again Thank you.

Mint is based on Ubuntu, so any problems in Ubuntu will be mirrored in Mint… just check it works by booting to a LiveCD first, and selecting “Try Ubuntu/Mint”… nothing gets installed to your hard drive unless you click on the “Install Ubuntu/Mint” icon on the desktop… but you end up with a fully working desktop.

It runs a LOT slower than a hard drive installation, but at least you can test drive them without installing.

Mint 8 is based on Ubuntu 9.10
Mint 9 is based on Ubuntu 10.04
Mint 10 will be based on Ubuntu 10.10
The only real changes are to difference between Mint and Ubuntu is the interface layout… single panel (taskbar) in Mint, 2 panels in Ubuntu (top of screen as well as bottom), and the menu layout.

You can always test drive and/or install Ubuntu 10.04 or Mint 9 now… they can be upgraded easily (just a few mouse clicks) later if you want.

Or you can wait for Ubuntu 10.10… out in 8 days. (10-10-2010)
Mint 10 should come out shortly afterwards… usually a week or two later.

The only real changes are to the interface layout…

And the Kernel :wink:

9.10 was 2.6.31
10.04 was 2.6.32 ** this one had problems with load averages and NVIDIA drivers
10.10 is 2.6.35 ** this one still has some small load average problems and NVIDIA problems, but it better

I meant the changes between Mint and Ubuntu… I should have been clearer, post edited :slight_smile:

10.10 also uses Xorg 1.9

10.10 also uses Xorg 1.9

Which is slower and introduces lots of nice new bugs … :frowning:

Heh… I nearly added “so I’m expecting a few new issues” :wink:

What makes you say 1.9 is slower?.. I noticed no difference with glxgears frame rates using the radeon drivers, nor any noticeable difference in anything to do with the windows, desktop, networking, etc… although it must be said I didn’t do an real benchmark type comparisons.

One thing I did notice… I used to get the occasional white line appearing in Lucid even when using the Karmic kernel (kinda like static/white noise)… gone in Maverick :slight_smile: so I had put this down to Xorg 1.9

i already seem to have 10.10 :S but i am a little slow, do i not?

and i have recently changed from windows 7 to ubuntu its not that bad of a change. alot less fixing and maintenence required and if you get stuck, i did a few times specially in the first hour or so these guys are real helpful and reply pretty quickly. after you add that package MG said you dont really need much else. anyway welcome :smiley:

What makes you say 1.9 is slower?

It may just be a side effect of the NVIDIA driver … but “tar cvf /backup.tar /home” and I can go make a coffee because my desktop will be unresponsive for the duration …

Hi Again
Thanks for all the replys, boy do you guys know your stuff.
This is the second time I have thought of migrateing to Linux, the first time was a few years ago. But at the time their were some driver issues with the hardware in one of my PC’s. So along with reading the documentation on I will be checking for any driver issues. And waiting for 10.10 to arrive.
Again thank you for the comments on my introduction post.

Have been playing with the Ubuntu 64bit liveDVD.
What a dream, it is great. I have been useing it for about 4 hours cant find anything I dont like, even my son has had a play and he cant find fault and he is a big M*****soft fan.
First thoughts.
Graphics seem faster and crisper.
Once I found my way around GUI it was tremendous.
Will be backing up my PC’s just in case and migrating over as soon as 10.10 is available.
Thanks Everone. ;D

Hi Again.

To any other newbies out there thinking of the change to Linux Mint I have started another post “First Impresstions” Which I am hoping to add to with all my ups and downs over the next couple of months.

Cockney Mack!

Great idea… much appreciated

For ease of navigation… here’s a link to CockneyMackem’s “First Impressions” thread.