Another reason for using Linux/Firefox!

That surprises me very little… what I find MUCH more troubling is the article half way down that page:
Sony wins restraining order against PlayStation 3 hacker who ‘published way to run illegal software on games console’

I was truly hoping that this was a chance for the courts to finally send a message to say once purchased you own the hardware, and can modify it as you wish.

To me this is madness… how long before say Ford stop you fitting after market exhausts etc.

I understand the anti-piracy angle, but surely a “how to” doesn’t constitute piracy.

Seems Sony are allowed to remove features from something you own, but you aren’t allowed to add any… yet another episode in the “copyrights gone mad” saga, and the US courts backing corporates rather than the general public.

Yes I agree with you Mark. Sony are very aggresive in this department…it just stinks.

Like I said, surely a “how to” or the tools to do something doesn’t constitute piracy, and should just be considered information about how something works.

So if someone builds say a washing machine that works by slowly mangling a seal pup, I’m not allowed the tools to open it up in an attempt to discover this, or publish my findings… as that would constitute a copyright infringement?

Granted, I shouldn’t be allowed “copy” the seal pup engine and sell them…

Seems like a dangerous precedent to me… specially for seal pups. :wink:

Back to the car analogy… are Snap-On and/or Argos to be sued for making/selling spanners that allow you to modify your car… even if you use them to fit rotating swords to your wheels, surely it would/should be you that gets sued/arrested not Snap-On/Argos.