Antivirus and Malware Protection

Hi. Can you tell me if there is a good free Antivirus and Malware Protection program for Peppermint 5, and if there is, how do I install and run it? For some reason, my computer is suddenly taking a very long time to load Peppermint and shut down. I fear that there may be some spyware or malware and I’d like to find something to check it out.

I doubt it it is because of reasons stated. It is more than likely that it is waiting for some service to start up (or eg. connect to network shares) or taking its time to close down on shut down. Your logs would tell you more.

dmesg | less

and see where the holdup is

I’m with SeZo on this…

I know everything you’ve learned under Windows is screaming at you to install an AV application … but it’s completely unnecessary and will likely slow your PC down even more.

It’s HIGHLY unlikely to be a virus or malware … so best to figure out what it is rather than compounding the problem.

I take it that I should run that in a terminal? If so, here are the results:

0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset
[ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu
[ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuacct
[ 0.000000] Linux version 3.13.0-29-generic (buildd@brownie) (gcc version 4.8.2 (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) ) #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 4 21:02:19 UTC 2014 (Ubuntu 3.13.0-29.53-generic
[ 0.000000] KERNEL supported cpus:
[ 0.000000] Intel GenuineIntel
[ 0.000000] AMD AuthenticAMD
[ 0.000000] NSC Geode by NSC
[ 0.000000] Cyrix CyrixInstead
[ 0.000000] Centaur CentaurHauls
[ 0.000000] Transmeta GenuineTMx86
[ 0.000000] Transmeta TransmetaCPU
[ 0.000000] UMC UMC UMC UMC
[ 0.000000] e820: BIOS-provided physical RAM map:
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x0000000000000000-0x000000000009ffff] usable
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x00000000000f0000-0x00000000000fffff] reserved
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x0000000000100000-0x000000007ff76fff] usable
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x000000007ff77000-0x000000007ff78fff] ACPI NVS
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x000000007ff79000-0x000000007fffffff] reserved
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x00000000fec00000-0x00000000fec0ffff] reserved
[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x00000000fee00000-0x00000000fee0ffff] reserved

You are on the right track, just keep pressing the enter button to see the next page(s)
Look for a jump in the numbers in the first bracketed area: [ 0.000000]

I checked what you asked me too, and I started to see the numbers moving up. It’s a very long list and eventually the numbers move up 282.039016. I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about. this is where the first jump is:

[ 0.004003] Calibrating delay loop (skipped), value calculated using timer frequency… 4507.97 BogoMIPS (lpj=9015940)
[ 0.004010] pid_max: default: 32768 minimum: 301
[ 0.004075] Security Framework initialized
[ 0.004109] AppArmor: AppArmor initialized
[ 0.004114] Yama: becoming mindful.
[ 0.004213] Mount-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)
[ 0.004220] Mountpoint-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)
[ 0.004628] Initializing cgroup subsys memory
[ 0.004642] Initializing cgroup subsys devices
[ 0.004648] Initializing cgroup subsys freezer
[ 0.004654] Initializing cgroup subsys blkio
[ 0.004658] Initializing cgroup subsys perf_event
[ 0.004664] Initializing cgroup subsys hugetlb
[ 0.004714] CPU0: Hyper-Threading is disabled
[ 0.004721] mce: CPU supports 4 MCE banks
[ 0.004737] CPU0: Thermal monitoring enabled (TM1)
[ 0.004762] Last level iTLB entries: 4KB 64, 2MB 64, 4MB 64
[ 0.004762] Last level dTLB entries: 4KB 64, 2MB 0, 4MB 64
[ 0.004762] tlb_flushall_shift: 6
[ 0.036073] ACPI: Core revision 20131115
[ 0.058917] ACPI: All ACPI Tables successfully acquired
[ 0.059287] ftrace: allocating 27749 entries in 55 pages

I can actually copy the whole thing, but I’m not sure if you’d like to read the entire thing. However, if that helps, I’ll gladly oblige.

I’m pretty sure you’re still in the fractions of a second with that jump … from looking at mine, where you see something like
would be just over 5.9 seconds from the start of the logging
would be just over 59 seconds from the start of the logging
would be just over 1minute and 59seconds from the start of the logging

So you want to be looking for something that sits there for a while … during bootup.

Ok, I think I understand what all this is now. I’ll have to take a closer look tomorrow. I’ve gotten off the computer for today and takes a bit of an effort for me to get back over to it. Stupid health issues! Anyway, I’ll give it a shot and get back to you. Thank you.

Okey dokey :slight_smile: