Any Acer Aspire One tweaks or mods? im running linpus lite

I have an Acer Aspire One which i have been slowly upgrading, I have manged to upgrade java, flash, the browser to firefox 7 and have modded the ssd to work better, and have got the access to the right click dropdown screen. was just wondering if there was anything else i could do to the beast to make her work better?

Personally I’ve forgotten pretty much everything I once knew about Linpus Lite … so can’t really help beyond saying “get rid of Linpus Lite and replace it with Peppermint (or another up to date OS)”

Linpus Lite is WAY out of date, you’re going to struggle to install ANY new software … it could even be considered a security risk.

Thank you for the advice i have been looking at oher versions of linux but i dont want to run before i have learnt to walk and get the wrong one for me

Installing Peppermint on an AA1 is easy … there are tutorials on here.

Once installed it’s MUCH easier to use than Linpus Lite

And we’re here to help you through it … finding anyone to help with Linpus is going to be nearly impossible now.

If you still have the standard 512MB of RAM I’d suggest Peppermint 3 (supported until 2017)
If you’ve upgraded the RAM I’d suggest Peppermint 5 (supported until 2019)

Your call, but sticking with Linpus Lite is actually the DIFFICULT path :wink:


Why not give Peppermint a test drive on a LiveUSB stick ?

And if you have an external USB hard drive, we can backup Linpus Lite first

im going to go with peppermint three i think so i may need some help lol. firstly do i need a pen drive to do it?

Yes, you’ll require a USB stick (1GB or larger)… but once you have one you can “test drive” Pepeprmiint from the USB stick without removing Linpus Lite first.

Be Aware it’ll be slower running from a USB stick than it will be once installed (so don’t judge it’s speed from a LiveUSB) but it’ll show you what to expect.

Help isn’t a problem … that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

Give us a shout when you have a USB stick (and preferably access to a Windows PC)

I have access to both of these now im ready to go

OK, first make sure there’s nothing on the USB stick you want to keep … if there is, copy it off now (it can be put back later if you require).

i have done that

OK, you’re going to require these 2 files on your Windows PC

On that last link, click the DOWNLOAD UUI button … Let us know when you have them

ok i quickly have to go to the shops but i will download them and keep you posted as soon asi have, i wont be long at all

I’m here pretty much all day and evening, so whenever you’re ready.


And usually half the night too :slight_smile:

i just have towait 40 mins now to use laptop >:( will keep you posted

Okey dokey … I’m gonna post the instructions here anyway…

On the Windows PC, start Universal USB Installer, and at …

Step 1 … In the drop down list, select PeppermintOS (Three)
Step 2 … point it at the ISO image you downloaded
Step 3 … Choose your (already plugged in >= 1GB) USB stick … probably best to let it format it too, so backup its contents first.
Step 4 … Set the slider to the largest persistence file it will allow you… so you can save changes. (if you want to test drive it first)

Here’s a pic of the Universal USB Installer interface

Click Create … and wait till it’s done … it will take a while, and may appear to have stopped … but just wait till it says it’s “Done” … as in the following pic

Pic of Universal USB Installer … Installing to USB Stick

Once the LiveUSB has been created, click Close, plug it into your AA1, then turn ON your AA1 … as soon as you see the first screen (Acer Empowering People), hit the F12 key to access the boot device selection screen … and select the USB HDD as the drive to boot from and hit Enter to boot.
(If it doesn’t offer you a USB HDD, and instead lists a USB FDD, let me know)

When asked, select “Try PeppermintNOTInstall Peppermint

Be aware … running from a USB stick will be quite a bit slower that running it from the internal SSD after installation, so don’t draw any conclusions about speed at this point :wink:
(it may also be less stable … remember a LiveUSB is designed primarily as an installation media and recovery disk, but can also be used to “test drive” Linux)

I can tell you that once installed, it takes slightly longer to boot than Linpus Lite … but once booted it loads/runs applications just as quickly … and has access to all the latest software.

Let us know when you’re at the Peppermint desktop and we’ll explain how to connect to your wireless network.

Oh, and how to change the default wallpaper … which IIRC kinda sucked in Peppermint 3 :wink:

I’m putting this link here for reference:

i am downloading them now

thank you for the help

No worries :slight_smile:

am now having to use the aa1 to download the iso as the laptop is slow as shit for downloading

Doesn’t matter how you download it as long as you transfer it to the Windows PC … it would be too hard to use Linpus Lite to create the LiveUSB … it’d be easy in peppermint, but…