Any Peppermint 4 users want a version of Ice for Chrome instead of Chromium ?

Any Peppermint 4 users want a version of Ice that builds SSB web shortcuts for Chrome instead of Chromium ?

In Peppermint, if you use Chrome instead of Chromium, one of 2 things will happen when you use Ice to add SSB web shortcuts to your menu.

a) If you’ve uninstalled Chromium, Ice will have been removed too … and non of the SSB web shortcuts you’ve already created will now work


b) If you still have Chromium and Ice installed (as well as Chrome) … any SSB web shortcuts you make with Ice will open in Chromium not Chrome

I’ve modified Ice to work with Chrome and called it Ice-Chrome (thought about Ice-Chrome-Sandwich … but decided against it :wink: ) … it creates SSB web shortcuts and adds them to the menus in exactly the same way Ice does, but they open in Chrome instead of Chromium.

it can coexist with Ice but then you’ll need both browsers installed.

to use Ice-Chrome you’ll need to already have google-chrome installed as it doesn’t pull it in as a dependency.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll bung up instructions for adding the PPA and installing Ice-Chrome.

Be Aware this is ONLY for Peppermint FOUR … if there are enough people who want a version for Peppermint 3 I may build that too.

Over to you…

Sorry if this is a silly suggestion, and sorry for creating work, but how about a config GUI/option/preferences thing? If it can’t be built into Ice, then maybe a seperate GUI app? Coding wise, shouldn’t be too hard, as you could query the apt database for both browsers, then set the path & config according to which one the user selects. If there is only one, then default it in?

This is NOT an “official” Peppermint package … just a modified version for people who want to use Chrome instead of Chromium.

How about suggesting a patch to the original (assuming it’s FOSS!)?

Shall we see if there’s any interest first ?

I was just doing a google search for this very thing. So yes, I have interest in it :slight_smile:

OK, you MUST have Chrome installed for Ice-Chrome shortcuts to work.

Here’s how to install Ice-Chrome … open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run these commands in sequence:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mark-pcnetspec/ice-chrome

hit enter when prompted … then run:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install ice-chrome

You’ll then find Ice-Chrome in the menus at:-

menu > Internet > Ice-Chrome

Be aware it will not fix the shortcuts you already have … you’ll have to recreate them in Ice-Chrome … or edit them to work with Chrome.

If you’ve already uninstalled Chromium and lost the Ice application … let me know if you need help editing the old shortcuts to work with Chrome