Anyone use aol mail?

What do you reckon to this guys…
Has it been hacked???
I was not allowed to log in- I had to fill a form in with my details ( the ubiquitous date of birth, post code etc…) and I was not allowed in until I had ticked the marketing boxes- so they can send me shit mails. I am quite ANGRY. I get enough f-king spam as it is.
Anyone know of a Linux based email provider that is spam proof?

There is no such thing as a spam proof email service … the minute you use the email for anything vaguely commercial your email address will be sold to advertisers/marketers and you’ll start to receive spam.

Your email server/client can’t filter it all out, as how does it know spam from legitimate email (?).

Oh well…
I’ve been getting those weird Mrs Hardwicke phone calls again as well…if another calls they are getting my Grandad’s vintage police whistle down their ears… >:(

LOL … give em hell :slight_smile:

Your account has probable been compromised now!!!

Have you tried logging on and changing your password… used this log in screen-|qp%3Alang%3Den%26locale%3DGB||uv%3AAOL|at%3ASNS|lc%3Aen_GB|rt%3ASTD|snt%3AScreenName|&offerId=webmail-en-gb

Notice that it starts with https:// if you can not log in from this screen contact aol and inform them and ask for help.

Don’t get me paranoid now Tramlink! I will change my password soon…

Their ears will fall off Mark!!! >:(