i was just checking the softwares in software manager and saw apache http server and some other same named files i also had seen this before many times while surfing the internet so seeing file in the file manager got me interested.
Please can someone explain about it in easy wordings, i did read some articles from net but they were a bit difficult to understand.

What do you want to know about Apache ?

Apache is the program that serves up web pages. On the webservers hard drives, there is some HTML (or something) files, and Apache will pass those onto clients that connect via HTTP and request them. So, it accepts HTTP connections from clients, and passes what the clients have asked for. It also accepts input in the form of web forms and such, and passes that to things that can interpret them, like PHP.

It’s what, like, half the internet is using to show the pages you look at.

Does that mean a computer need to have installed apache server on it or there is an apache server that hosts web pages for others in return for payment or something.

Apache has nothing to do with payment ???

It’s simply the program that hosts web pages, and accepts connections. If it’s running on your PC, and has an HTML page (or similar) to host, you can view that page by opening any web browser and browsing to