App update issues Samsung Galaxy mini (closed)

I am always having problems when apps are updating. I am always told that I do not have enough space.

The phone is Rooted and is cleaned often all apps installed by me have been moved to the SD card but the space used on the phone remains at 79%.

Any one know of a way to get more storage on the phone or to obtain apps without using Google play services/store as they seem to eat the space on the phone.

It’s pretty common, I’ve had it on everyone phone I’ve owned/worked with (ok, only 4 of them, but still).
It’s not a Google Play issue as such, it’s an issue with the existing apps “bloating” out the phone with data. Many, many apps don’t store data on the SD card, even when you move them to SD. Additionally, data which should be classed as cache (e.g. photos from Facebook) are actually bundled in with data, which contains things like settings & login data. Eventually, as the apps accumulate this rubbish, you run out of free space, just like you would a PC.

The solution, is to check through your apps, starting with the biggest, and “clear data” on them (you’ll need to re-login to them, as the login data will be forgotten), until you can install the update. It sucks, and only really avoidable by having more internal storage on the device. SD cards are useless nowadays, except where you explicitly move stuff there or set it as destination for the camera.