Apple Annoucement at WWDC.

So I don’t know if anyone here knows although you should, because WWDC IS THE biggest tech expo all year, but Apple have made some major annoucements, the first being, they’ve dropped Google Maps for their own Maps app. What’s special about this particular mapping software?

Apple’s new mapping system includes turn-by-turn navigation for owners of the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad. The new maps are fully compatible with Siri, Apple’s voice controlled ‘personal assistant’. Siri can plan trips and will also answer questions en route, such as the location of the nearest petrol station.

Sat Nav manufacturers should be rather scared, because behind all of this is C3 Technologies & Tom Tom.

The competition between Apple & Google is now becoming even more fiercer, have a good rivalry is good, but there is a point to which companies should stop trying to out-do each other IMO, as that’s where patents and law suits come in…

The other big news is a new shiny Macbook Pro, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Here’s some specs:

Upto 768GB Flash memory
3.6Ghz i7 Intel x4 CPU
Upto 16GB RAM
NVIDIA GT560M GFX w/ 1GB GDRR5 memory
0.64 inches thin
Upto 7 hours battery life
Retina Display at 2560x1600 (3x more pixels than a HDTV!!)

Now tell me that doesn’t quench your geeky juices!

In my head I REALLY want one, but deep down I know that it will soon because replaced by a next gen Macbook Pro, and soon one of the major PC manufacturers like ASUS/HP/Acer will release something with the same/better specs, for much less.

It should also be noted, there was only minor upgrades to the Mac, which means only one thing. They’ll be killing that off soon.

They’ve also released iOS 6, and Mountain Lion will be released later this year. iOS 6 provides tighter integration between Feckbook and Apple products.