Apple Redefine the meaning of software

I saw an interesting article on the news this evening about the latest Apple Iphone, apparently a lot of users are complaining it distorts and mishapes if you have it in your pocket and there seems to be some software issues,

What is wrong with these people ! obviously this a design feature and as far as the software issue is concerned they’re clearly not holding it right or something, I can only assume these complainers are first time iPhone users, any long term Apple fan knows fine Apple can do no wrong

Sheesh ::slight_smile:


Yeah I watched the following video earlier … and boy did it make me laugh :slight_smile:


As far as I can make out, Apple redefines the meaning of anything it cares to copyright. I’m surprised it hasn’t precluded the rest of the world from using the letter i (yet). I expect future generations will know it as the Apple alphabet - the one with 25 letters.

I haven’t got a ‘smart’ phone, and won’t be getting one either, but I have got an iPod. It’s so slim and slippery that I have to put it in a case or it will get dropped and broken in no time. I’d rather it were a bit bigger and more robust.

And I’ve never understood why people would put a gadget they worship above all things (a phone, for heaven’s sake. Just a phone) in their back pocket where it’s almost certain to be sat on and bent/broken at some point.
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