Apple's new tablet hits 117 degrees.

Reports from customers using Apple’s new iBlob (I don’t do endorsement ;)) is apparently running into temperatures of 117*C according to Bloomberg. That’s “significantly hotter than the previous model.” What did Apple do when customers started complaining saying it’s “uncomfortable to use”…

They said “Call Applecare”. Just what you expect isn’t it? They have a ton of money, have started playing monopoly with Microsoft and now aren’t doing much to help customers when things start to go wrong.

This isn’t the first time they’ve had complaints like this either. The new iMac has been overheating as well, and people have been furious because it turns itself off. Well you’d expect that from a computer that doesn’t run fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can watch the video of the report for the iBlob here - Businessweek - Bloomberg

I read on The Register it was 116* Fahrenheit not Celsius. Thats a bit of a difference! The article can be found here

Here’s a quote from the MacRoumors forum that made me laugh …

yes many of the reviews said the same thing. the lower lefthand corner gets hot. Rotate and the top right corner will get warm instead

So it’s probably a good idea to rotate it every now and again to let the bottom left cool down :wink:

Yeh the yanks generally use Fahrenheit not Celsius … jeez if it were 117*C it would take the skin off your hand … and be the first apple in history to peel the skin of YOU :slight_smile:

The scary thing is that a lot of people will nod and agree with that… people are stupid!!

Your average Mac user :slight_smile: … all their claims of “it just works out of the box” … erm, so does a dell/hp/Acer/etc. (it’s only later when you start messing that they go wrong :wink: )… what they really mean is - I’m a rich idiot that can’t be ars*d to learn how to dig myself out of a hole, so I’ll use Apples “return to the manufacturer” for ANY little issue as a way to not bother, as it’s obvious I have more money than sense.

Don’t get me wrong … I quite like Macs, and OS X, it’s just the people that buy them that I have little in common with … to most of them a Mac is a fashion accessory that just happens to do computing too.

OK, mini rant over :slight_smile:

Baa… baa… baa.

That’s all I hear when I talk to Mac users. It’s shiny and people say I should have one so I will spend a s*it load of money on something that I can’t take complete control of. as I said before, people are idiots.

I tend not to get invited to their “dinner parties” and “soiree’s” :wink: … I think it’s due to my lack of a Porsche or at least an Audi TT

I’m not invited any more because I don’t speak corporate bullsh*t. Same reason I’m not allowed Microsoft!

Ah I forgot yanks measure in Fahrenheit. Stupid yanks, haha.

As much as I like Macs & OS X, I’ll never get one. I’ve used a Macbook before, as much as it was shiny, it was feckin’ slow. No lie. My laptop runs faster than it using Ubuntu, and that’s saying something, haha.

I’m just patiently waiting for Canonical to release the Ubuntu smartphone & Precise Pangolin.

Linux changed my life, somewhat.

Hot stuff.
Hmm… 46 C could get very hot to touch, I would not like to hold it for long (not that I would anyway)
I wonder if this Vivaldi tablet would be a cooler option.

I’ve heard a lot about that KDE tablet. It’s been getting a lot of praise.