Applications not shown in the bottom bar in Ubuntu 14.04 classic view [SOLVED]

My mate’s Ubuntu machine has lost the buttons that show running applications in the bottom task bar in Classic View. Before screwing up his machine I thought I would hack my own to see what I could achieve.

What I achieved was losing the bottom panel entirely! Readers of this forum will be familiar with this ability I have.

I can add/remove panels OK (that’s how I lost it!) but I can’t find on the interweb the means of displaying the running applications. It’s no big deal for me but my mate is on the elderly side and it would be helpful for him to see what’s running without using Alt-Tab.

Your advice would be appreciated as usual.

EDIT Found it!

[ol]- Alt-RightClick on the bottom panel

  • select Window List
  • click Apply[/ol]

I hope this helps people faced with the same problem.