Arch Linux won't load. Help! Lean DM

I installed Arch Linux yesterday. I intended to set up Light DM today. I’ve reached the moment where Light DM should have failed to load and I should have received an error, but in my case, nothing appears on the screen. It is still black and has a message.

Starting version 251.4-1-arch

/dev/sda3: clean, 175317/3645440 files, 1736049/14556160 blocks

I’m unable to even log in. It stayed.

Is it possible to launch a terminal? I do not want the system to be reinstalled.

Welcome to the Forum, Katakuri.

I am not familiar with Arch Linux or LightDM so can’t advise you - except to ask: Can you type anything on the screen? It would help more experienced users to offer suggestions.