Are HP now pre-installing Ubuntu ?

I got this from today … thought it was kinda interesting

Might have been nice if they’d started this before Microsoft started giving away Windows 8.1 with Bing
(or maybe that’s not so coincidental)

Interesting! I wonder if it has UEFI, and I wonder if getting Windows 8.1 to dual-boot on it would be easier than the other way around (with Windows pre-installed)?

I would think they’re bound to be UEFI, and good question (about the dual-boot thing).

I’d assume they’re:-
b) Also sold with Windows pre-installed
c) Possibly have secure boot disabled

those are “assumptions” though, nothing more.

From what I can gather, secure boot isn’t even an issue nowadays (Ubuntu & derivatives have their own key, so are allowed to run as long as the USB stick is created from a UEFI OS). The much bigger issue is bootloader, and the fact that normally Windows owns it (and chainloads GRUB, rather than the other way around as it a typical BIOS dual-boot). Under Windows control, there’s many stories of it deciding that it doesn’t like GRUB, so stops displaying a boot menu at all, and all sorts of nasty problems like that. They don’t make it easy any more :frowning: