Are multiple LVM on LUKS distros on one disk possible?

Had an unpleasant experience today when trying to install an LVM on LUKS Ubuntu Server alongside a Solus LVM on LUKS on the same disk. After a failed install (Ubuntu wouldn’t install on the selected ESP, chose instead an existing full ESP) my Solus install was listed as an LVM2_member instead of a LUKS device and I could not decrypt it.

I’m guessing it overwrote something vital, the LUKS header?

Free Space 15.4 KB
Part1 = Solus LUKS LVM
Free space 744 KB
Part2 = new ESP
Part3 = Ubuntu LUKS LVM
Free space 80G

As for the ESP partition, I guess I will have to change the GPT partition type code before installing to make it absolutely clear not to install on the full one. That’s the only solution I haven’t tried yet.

Whilst I’ve never tried this, I can’t see why not as long as they don’t share any partitions (including swap).