Argh, Canonical being daft again?

I hope this isn’t true…

“Ubuntu 10.10 To Add A “Sent From Ubuntu” Signature By Default To Evolution.”

What are your thoughts?

I’m thinking this is a default that the user can override ?? Same as on a phone ??

… Not that I use Evolution … (!) :slight_smile:

Yes they can, but a lot won’t, or at least for a while won’t know they’re emails are going out with this attached and these things just annoy people… they come across as a “look I’ve got an iPhone” and I’m arrogant enough to want to tell the world, but at least there’s a point to the phone ones “I’m not in but got your message anyway.”

I have no problem with trying to raise awareness of Ubuntu, but not at the expense of coming across as arrogant, and not by this kind of sneaky “under the radar” approach worthy of M$… it just “feels” wrong to me, and more corporate than FOSS(y)

I mean what’s next… Ubuntu phoning home… no wait, haven’t we seen this too :o

Although one could no doubt override it, I really fail to see the need to include this in the first place. It just seems kind of tacky to me, and agree with the underhandedness you mentioned above.

I guess such a signature would be valid on, say, a Blackberry - but on a desktop OS? Seems really pointless. I mean its not as if all outgoing messages from Outlook are tagged with “Sent from Windows, don’t you know!” Things like this make me wonder exactly what Canonical’s roadmap is. Do they have their own agenda, or do they still give a hoot about the FOSS community?

The double-bug issue was amusing to read though. :wink:

Like I said, see if you can find the word “Linux” on Ubuntu’s home page (!) :-X

I checked this a while ago and it isn’t just their homepage, most of the site doesn’t contain the word Linux or even Debian… certainly if you follow the buttons at the top of their homepage, the only one that contains the word Linux is the “Community” link.

I just tuned into “At Home With Jono Bacon” on UStream and asked the question “What is your stance on the issue?”

He stressed that he wasn’t speaking on behalf of Canonical or the Ubuntu community, but stated:

“It’s just a bloody line in a signature. I think everybody needs to take a really big reality check and lighten up. In the grand scheme of things, we had bigger problems to solve. I’m not sure why the whole thing turned into a huge flame war, but I personally don’t see what the problem is…”

So there you go. Jono’s personal opinion - not necessarily the view of Canonical…

How typically Canonical… make light of it, ignore everyone, and wait for the fuss to die down… how very M$ of them.

Not necessarily the view of PCNetSpec :wink:

He stressed that he wasn't speaking on behalf of Canonical or the Ubuntu community

Isn’t he Canonical’s “Ubuntu Community Manager” ?.. so who exactly can speak for them ?

Jump to 9:30 to hear the verbatim quote…

Heh… no speakers attached ATM, so all I can do is watch his lips move, I’ll have to take your word for it :wink:

I’ll have a listen when I get round to attaching some speakers though :slight_smile: