ASUS Netbook streams slow

Guys my Asus Netbook which runs on Peppermint 9, using Chrome browser streams very slow. It lags a lot watching BBC iplayer and Netflix. As far as I know this netbook has 4GB RAM, so I can’t figure out why it does this as my Chromebook was faster and it only has 2GB RAM (sadly the Chromebook died 3 days ago).

I also have fibre Broadband and it worked fast on the Chromebook. Ok, this has an HD not an SSD like the Chromebook, but surely this wouldn’t be the reason it lags?

You’re not having much luck with your computers today, Mellisa!
It looks like your Asus is busy doing something else. Do you have other applications running in the background?

You can check how busy the CPUs are by selecting System Tools/System Monitor and in the display that appears select “Resources” at the top.
The top graph shows how busy all your CPUs are. If either of them are close to 100% then something is running and absorbing most of the resources before listening to you.
The second graph should show the green (memory swap) line rather low - say 40%. You have plenty of memory so the swap should be low.
Check also the lowest graph: Network History. The max is usually less than ~60%

My suggested numbers are typical of my laptop with 2GB RAM.

Yeahhhh—Mark said the same that I didn’t have much luck ha.

Dinner is ready, so I’ll be back in an hour- couple of hours to follow your next recommendations with the probs, thanks Keith.

I haven’t got a thing that shows a graph in Peppermint 9, just a box with tons of tiny numbers, hard to read. I presumed you might say that, but this is a newer computer than the Chromebook. One would think it would be faster!

I used to watch stuff on the Chromebok with a fee tabs open no problems.

I watch Netflix with just my aol email tab open and the netbook streams slow, lags/buffers.

However I watched an episode of the original Star Trek when having my dinner before and it streamed perfectly.

How’d I find out what RAM this netbook has?

Post the output from:

sudo lshw -c memory | grep size:

Remember sudo?
lshw means list hardware
The -c memory means you want just the memory info, nothing else.
The grep means: from the output of the lshw command, just show the lines containing “size:”

   size: 64KiB
   size: 4GiB
      size: 4GiB
   size: 128KiB
   size: 1MiB

You have 4GB RAM:

size: 64KiB
size: 4GiB
size: 4GiB
size: 128KiB
size: 1MiB
The other sizes are for other bits of memory.

Yes, I could see 4GB RAM! It should run faster than the Chromebook did which had 2GB RAM right? Or is it the SSD drive that makes the difference in streaming speeds?

I have to say the Chromebook was the fastest computer I’ve ever had.

Goodbye Chromebook RIP. WE had some fun times. :cry:

“It should run faster than the Chromebook did which had 2GB RAM right? Or is it the SSD drive that makes the difference in streaming speeds?”

I think it’s mostly the SSD. My Lenovo T500 is running Ubuntu on 2GB and installing an SSD speeded it up very much.

I thought that might be it. Mark was always saying an SSD drive is the biz. The Dell netbook also had an SSD but a teeny one. It ran fast for a couple of years until the Mint distro was out of date. It also only had 1GB RAM and couldn’t take any more. I gave it to my mate Dave for typing up documents on.

I might get an SSD drive for this in the near future if the Polish guys can do it and think it is upgradeable, in that there’d be enough RAM for a good 3 or 4 years or so.

My brother gave me this and it’s fairly new, he’d hardly used it. It also has a swipe screen so you can scroll it with your finger and enlarge the screen like you do on a tablet!

I’ve got an Android tablet and its quite nice for instagram and some vid editing but I prefer laptops for main computer/internet use. Also Android is full of annoying ads you can’t get rid of!

I also prefer proper laptops as they are much more adaptable.

Going back to checking processor speeds: I have Peppermint 9 on a USB stick and shall try to remember to check out system monitor for you.

Yes, I did like the way the Chromebook was so integrated but I found that most of the extensions I was using like atavi bookmark manager, pocket and ad blockers etc are in Chrome on this netbook anyway.

And I have the added things that the Chromebook couldn’t do like scanner, adding software, being able to use my Maxtor portable HD, and the Tux racer penguin game!

I’m getting used to the smaller screen now I found you can swipe and zoom in.