Athlon 64bit machines ... [gone]

[float=right][smg id=692 type=preview][/float]These machines are based on an ASUS PH1, so it’s a compact desktop micro-ATX format system. (i.e. it’s two PCI expansion slots only and pretty tight at that) In this instance it’s the AMD version of the PH1 which comes with onboard NVidia graphics.

Also comes with onboard 1G nic … CPU’s come in 3000+ and 3500+ flavours with 1G memory …

DVD Rom drive and a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10. Will provide a 4-week refund on fault … so long as you don’t take it apart … :slight_smile:

Makes for a very competent desktop Linux box, not really a gamer but quick for office apps and smart to look at.


(price will be +VAT+Delivery, unless you want to collect it … :slight_smile: )