ATI catalyst control centre

Hi Guys

Im back but on a better computer - not mine sadly. My freind has had the same problem with Windows crashing for a while so we have done a peppermint dual boot.

Everything is fine with the peppermint but we are trying to set up the Dual screen to work as one big screen if you see what I mean.

We have installed the graphics driver that Peppermint suggested. The ATI catalyst control centre lets us change it to how we want it but when we apply the settings nothing happens.

What will we need to do in peppermint to change the monitor settings??


Try installing ARandR and using that to configure your monitors

sudo apt-get install arandr

You’ll then find it at menu>Preferences>ARandR … fire it up, then drg your monitors to where you want them, and click Layout>Apply … you can also adjust the screen resolutions in there, and save the configuration if you want.

Once you get it working the way you want … let me know and I’ll tell you how to get the system to boot up with a saved configuration.

Hi Mark

Thnks for coming back. I dont seem to have ARandR option - Ive done a screen shot showing my options


Ignore me missed half your message!!!

Did you install ARandR?

Hi Guys

Yeah, Ive put ARandR on. I need to play with a bit to get it right but generally a good simple program.

Im trying to sort out the Wireless Card - TP link. I cant seem to load the driver from their website. Does any one know what would be best for a TP Link 54 bps TL WN550G PCI Adaptor?

I’m glad ARandR is working for you …

But can you start a new topic please with a more relevant title for your wireless issue … a topic with the title ATI catalyst control centre, is not the place for a question about wireless drivers.