audio mixer and recorder

IS there any other audio mixer that controls inputs properly for 10.4? This really is a huge omission- I have ALSA, but I hate it- it’s strange, uses up the terminal, utterly obscure what exactly different controls do, and doesn’t hear my LINE IN connection at all. think could never find or install audiocity (does that open in terminal?). Need to transfer audio for radio report also- need a decent simple audio recorder and editor (similar to ancient Premiere 6 - older clean version) w timeline and 3 streams. Does anyone have that- forgot the disc, and new versions convert audio to huge files, and need more processor power.

Sorry, didn’t see the sound control in the preferences or admin- that has an input selector, but so hard to figure priority with multiple sound controls- would set it to LINE IN, but ALSA would show no volume- does that take precedence when it is open? Was using prosaically named “Sound Recorder” but had NO preferences- making monster 5mb/min wav files when only need 22kh MONO. Is optimum level for that 3/4 up where there’s a little clip? What’s a better simple sound recorder? Flacs were worse 6mb/mn - t says they are supposed to be half the size. Can all editors use flacs?

pavucontrol padevchooser gnome-alsamixer

Install all 3 with:

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol padevchooser gnome-alsamixer

Can you do the first together? Any recorder?

The command for alsa-mxer would install it as a permanent program?

That command will install all 3 at the same time.

and this should install audacity:

sudo apt-get install audacity

Rnu the commands in a terminal … not the “Run” dialog.

Whats the best editor for AUDIO (usually Video)- the most like Adobe Premiere in behavior (that’ll work on 10.4). I have Pitivi, but it didn’t work too well I think.

Dont know about Adobe, but if I want to edit the soundtrack from a video then I would use Avidemux to Save only audio out then open with Audacity to edit. Once edit complete then in Avidemux replace main track with the external audio.