Audio / Video for GMail on Linux!

Finally (!) Google have launched a Linux audio/video module for their Chat module on GMail, and it appears in .deb format and it seems (!) to work perfectly on the two boxes I’ve tried it on. I’ve not tried the audio, but given the video looks good, the audio should be a relatively safe bet … :slight_smile:

Download is here, only limitation I can see is that it only works with Firefox, and would you believe it, not with Chrome (!) [or not with mine…]

Argh!!!, what is it with Google writing software that doesn’t work well with other Google software… you would think they would be pushing Chrome.

Makes you wonder how well the Chrome OS is going to run the Chrome (browser), Gmail, etc. :slight_smile:

Mmm, it might be that it doesn’t work because I’m running 32-bit chrome beta on a 64-bit system … but I’m only doing that because Chrome built-in Flash isn’t available in 64bit Chrome, and I need Chrome Flash because the 64bit Flash plugin is unstable and tends to eat my sound output after a few hours of operation.

Ahh… ok I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, at least till I test it.