auto-opening Evolution + stopping Auto-running Clam

Though maybe there is no solution for this strange corruption that has survived 6 new kernals, my Evolution autoopens on startup in the 2nd workspace (I’m in first). It is junk, doesn’t download anything and erases older messages and I don’t use it at all. Any way to stop that ehavior?

And how to I stop Clam from always running in the background- it sucks +200Mb of my marginal ram, and always shut it off now in process manager. Till I get more RAM at least ::slight_smile:

uninstall them both, and use Thunderbird :wink:

If you want to try figuring out a solution (keeping those) let me know … but that would be my solution.

I thought you said you can’t uninstall Evolution, but I’d love to. Clam is useful- it finds jump drive viruses before the can get in my WIndows- or scans Windows itself, bt don’t want it autoloading and scanning in the background

Which distro/version/architecture ?