Auto Update Problem

Hi Guys,
A little while ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 6400 with XP installed, this is for my Grandson as a homework computer, got rid of Windross and installed peppermint 5, was not getting notification of Auto updates, followed advice on Peppermint Forum to load Linux Mint Updater, no problems so far, except that this doesn’t show auto updates either, i can get the updates, obviously by clicking the appropriate updater but it is not giving me auto notifications, always says the “The System is up to date” even when it isn’t. It is quite possible I haven’t checked a tickbox but your advice would be appreciated as I want to ensure grandson keeps the security up to date.


Well unbelievably, for the first time after posting this query, I came back to the dell laptop and noticed that not only the Mint Updater but also the Peppermint Updater was showing updates ready for install. Have carried this out and will check again ina day or two to see if this has for some reason corrected itself.


Hi Degsy

I cant talk for the Mint updater but you’re certainly not the first to have problems with the auto updater in Peppermint 5 sometimes it will work after a manual update sometimes it wont, other times it just starts working on it’s own it is quite an elusive bug but hopefully it will be sorted out by the time PM6 is released


The Mint updater doesn’t seem to auto update either, I’ve been in the habit for years of manually refreshing it. Bizarrely, even if I refresh the package database with “apt-get update”, it still doesn’t update Mint updater. It’s like it maintains its own package database or something?!

Thanks for the comments, am away at the moment so will check towards the end of the week and see if any updates are offered by either (or both) of the updates.


Remember, you can always check for an update manually by right clicking the icon and selecting “refresh”.

Alternatively, you can open the window by double-clicking the icon, then clicking the “Refresh” button in the toolbar. This method will show you what packages are available for update (as well as a “safety” rating on Mint updater)