Auto updating LibreOffice?

I just checked my current version of LO and found it was 3.4.4. build 402.
I checked and found there was a new version but was lost on how to install it when I read the instructions.
Is there an easier way to install the new version?

Is 3.5 that much more different than yours?
The latest version depends on the distribution you are on
Mine is (on Chakra) LibreOffice 3.4.5 (Build:502) released 2012/01/12
I would rather wait for the repos to update instead the manual installation
But then YMMV

These are the bits they’ve changed/ added Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

My system stats are in my SIG, why not put your system info there too, saves a lot of time explaining to those that are trying to help you what system you are running.

Also, in the txt file within the archive, it tells me to right click on the folder and select ‘open in Terminal’, I can’t as I have not got that option. How do I get that option in my system?

As SeZo says, best to wait and see if it appears in the repos (that way it will have been checked for compatibility, and will install automagically) during a system update … but there’s nothing stopping you from installing the .deb(s) from the LO website

I know you wont know the answer to this but <when will that be?> They have got the new version on the LO website, why not make it available for auto update?

Check my last para in my last msg. Also, how do I uninstall it to make way for the new version?

They may not do … you may have to wait till 12.04 … or it could be in a few hours, who knows.

They’ll either get round to testing it for FULL compatibility in 11.10 (ie. unlikely to cause issues for ANYONE) … or not bother.

As I said, there’s nothing stoppping you from installing it from the .deb(s) if you want to try it yourself.

A quick google seems to suggest people had problems getting the 3.5.0 beta2 working in 11.10 … so it’s your call.

I’m also guessing there is a good reason it’s not in the LO PPA yet.

That being the case, if I wait for the new Ubuntu, they might decide to skip full compatibility testing for 11.10!

Did you miss my last bit about no ‘Open in Termin’ on right clicking a folder? How do I get it, my system hasn’t got it?

That would mean I would install a ‘fully’ untested version of LO in my current version of Ubuntu as it would be a bigger job to install an updated OS and then install all the other SW I have installed with my current version.

My advice is to wait … but if you MUST, see here for adding the “Open in terminal” right-click context menu item in 11.10’s Nautilus file manager:

Your other option is to open a terminal and “cd” (change directory) to the directory you’re after :wink:

I more than likely wait as I don’t want to screw up my OS and have to do a complete full install along with all the programs I have installed.

At the very least I’d wait till it appears in the Libre Office PPA … then install it from there.

If it isn’t there yet (and it isn’t there for 11.10 yet), that suggests there are problems.

If you install it from a PPA, you can always use ppa-purge (if anything goes wrong) to go back to the packages in the default repos.