Backup program

I got a list of backup progs here
Are any of these particularly good, or is a better one not listed ?
Or is the already installed Deja DUP all I need ?

I have my install on a 1TB disk, and have a spare 1TB disk that would be good for my backups I think. I don’t need to back up the OS, just important data.
I suppose I could just copy and paste to the spare drive but is there a better way ?


Hello Kalya - and welcome to the Forum.

I have little experience of backup programmes, athough I did try Deja Dup many years ago. It seems much software assumes that your PC will be switched on at the times you specify for automatic backup, although those that use the built-in Crontab will simply back up the next time it is on, which is fine if you have the time to wait for the backup to complete.

Everyone’s needs are different but I found that these offerings were not flexible enough for me, so I wrote my own script. I have given it to my elderly friends who find it more convenient than automatic methods.

My needs are the same as yours, I think, but don’t use the copy command: use rsync -a which does not try to overwrite existing, backed-up files that have not changed, so saves much time. And you can do a simple backup with one terminal command - for example:

rsync -a Documents Desktop Pictures Music <path-to-backup-medium>

The -a (“archive mode”) preserves metadata so one should always use it, even with the copy command.

Other contributors will have their own favourite method of backing up, so you’ll have plenty of choice.


I’m a rsync fan, too. To Keith’s example, I’d add the parameter –delete which removes anything in the backup that no longer exists in the source.

David is right - I forgot that.