Backup program

I got a list of backup progs here
Are any of these particularly good, or is a better one not listed ?
Or is the already installed Deja DUP all I need ?

I have my install on a 1TB disk, and have a spare 1TB disk that would be good for my backups I think. I don’t need to back up the OS, just important data.
I suppose I could just copy and paste to the spare drive but is there a better way ?

From that list, I have been using Rsync for a while (not tried any of the others).
My setup is:
-Equal to (or larger than) source → backup HDD
-Rsync in a script run in conjunction with cron, run once in the night to sync backups.

The first (seed) run could take a while but any subsequent runs will be much quicker.

+1 rsync (and possibly the grsync GUI to help get the command right).