Bamboo Pen Tablet Drivers + Amazon Kindle.

I’m seriously thinking of changing from Windoze XP to Peppermint O/S Two but before I do I need to know whether there is a driver for my pen tablet, Wacom Bamboo MTE450 (I have R S.I. so it is vital that it works under the new system). I also have a lot of Amazon Kindle E-books I would like to be able to access under the new O/S. Are they supported and, if so, which system should I use?

I also use Microsoft Works, spreadsheet and Wordprocessor and database.

Any help gratefully appreciated by one disgruntled Windoze user.

There is, but it took a bit of work to get set up the last time I helped someone,(which was a while ago, so things may have improved) … why not try a LiveUSB with persistence … then you can test drive it before getting rid of Windows.

I downloaded 2 copies of Peppermint 2 and each copy had 5 errors on each disc so I downloaded a copy of SUSE and although that downloaded ok the Bamboo tablet mouse didn’t work. I had a look at SUSE anyway and it said that in order to instal SUSE it needed to shrink the Windows partition. What is it doing & can I undo it if {God forbid) if I ever need to return to windows? I’d need to get the download right to use peppermint or get the Bamboo Tablet to work with SUSE.
Thanks for your reply and thanks very much for your help Still a disgruntled Windows user!