Beginner help - 3G dongle

Hello all.

First of all, I know I actually could post this question in the raspberry forum, but i dont think it would be any help, as I havn’t heard anyone using this method on a raspberry, besides my friend.

Im currently running a python script on my windows machine, but my friend have developed the script further and running it on his raspberry. I have given acces to the script for a little fee. In the script, im changing IP by a batch script on my windows machine by my phone connected to the laptop. So its using a ADB shell(android) to disable the 3G data and enable 3G again to get a new ip adress. Dont ask me why it does that, but its a part of my script. It logins with an user, does a simple task and then logs out and changes ip adress as mentioned above.

the deal is that im not a very experienced linux user at all. My friend barely got his 3G USB modem/dongle to work in the same way as my phone. So I’m asking you, because raspberry is linux ofc. Is there any compatible 3G USB dongles, that could perform the same task as my phone does? By reconnecting the 3G USB or something like that or disconnect and reconnect again?

If so, I would be very happy if you could send me a tutorial on this, articles or a website with compatible 3G dongles that is 100% working with linux.

Thanks in advance

Many 3G dongles work out of the box on Linux operating systems.

If you were using a normal Linux system such as mint or peppermint then it presents no issues. There is a link on this forum to the Linux hardware compatibility list.

Maybe people who understand programming can help you.