Belkin N+ usb network wireless adapter

I would like to find out if I can use my Belkin F5D8055ed N+ USB Network Wireless Adapter with any of the Linux Distro’s, I have tried the Belkin website with no luck. I am new to Linux and would like to find a Distro that supports my Belkin device as it is my only method of accessing the internet. Can anyone help me please.

Your Belkin F5D8055ed WILL work in Linux as it’s based on the Ralink RT2870 chipset, BUT there is a catch… you may have to blacklist the rt2800usb driver, and if your router is using WPA encryption you may either have to change its settings to use WEP, or manually compile the RT2870 driver with WPA support enabled… see here:

BTW, I know that link says “Ubuntu” but as it is a kernel/driver issue it will ‘probably’ affect all Linux distro’s.

ALSO, if it is your ONLY way of connecting to the internet AND you want to keep WPA encryption set in your router, you will have to plug the PC into the router with a cable to download the drivers and install the software packages required for compiling them.