Best distro for MTP support


I have been using Ubuntu derivatives for years, and astoundingly, in the latest versions, there is an ugly bug messing up Multimedia Transfer Protocol connectivity.

Is there any other similar distro which does MTP smoothly? I’d be especially interested in a noob-friendly distro (such as Mint.)

Whilst I can’t say from experience, that bug report seems to suggest that the bug was introduced in the 3.17 kernel

so if you like Ubuntu derivatives try going with a distro based on 14.04.2 or earlier … such as Mint 17.2 or Peppermint 6

in fact I don’t think ANY version of Mint/Peppermint has yet gone above the 3.16 kernel so why not give em a spin on a LiveUSB

Alright, thanks! It sounds like a great idea to try MInt.

There was just an official update from Canonical for my 14.04 LTE. MTP with my Android device now works flawlessly. It looks like they have downgraded the kernel. I ran “uname -r” and it seems the kernel is now “3.13.0-65-generic.” I’m happy it works now.

Great news … glad to hear it’s now working :slight_smile:

If you decide you still want to try Mint go for version 17.0 then … that will also have the 3.13 kernel series.

Although theoretically it’s be possible to manually downgrade the 1.2 kernel to 3.13 too

But if you’re happy where you are … why mess :wink:

Actually, as an experiment, I did a restore to a week old Clonezilla image, and now MTP even worked on that one for me. But I don’t recall MTP ever working for me on 14.04. Weird. Anyway, it works now, so who cares.

Also, I was wrong about the kernel thing, they haven’t downgraded anything.

Actually, I’m still kinda keen on Mint… I’m just too lazy to set up all my applications and configurations all over again at the moment. :slight_smile: Maybe some other time.

More into Peppermint 6 myself :slight_smile:

So what is it about Peppermint that makes you like it more than Mint?

I dunno, it’s as though they can read my mind about what constitutes a great distro ;D


Sorry, I can’t keep this up, I was just pulling your leg … you might find a clue why I’m so pro Peppermint here:

lol… .That explains why you are more into Peppermint.

Well, MTP has suddenly stopped working again on my Ubuntu 14.04… Oh well… I think I’ll try another distro.

If you’re distro-hopping, I’d avoid one based on Ubuntu 14.04, or you’ll likely have the same problems. Maybe try Debian or Fedora (or CentOS if Fedora is a bit hands-on)

Hmmm… yeah good idea. Know any nice Debian-based distros?

Why not give MX-14 a go:

or if you like Mint … LMDE2:

Thanks, those seem cool :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: