Best Linux distro for ancient Acer TravelMate 2200 - browser only required ?

Hi … ran XP on this museum piece for years but it had to go. Been trying out a few Linux alternatives but so far the only one which works well for me is Puppy Precise (currently running live from USB). Anything similar (not too fat) out there which I can install to the HDD which will work well with Celeron?

PhoenixBIOS says …

CPU Type: Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU 2.66 GHz
System Memory: 640 KB
Extended memory: 959 MB
VGA Memory: 64 MB

I’m new to this Linux stuff … your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome …

Really I only want a browser (preferably Chrome or Chromium) and maybe later LibreOffice?

Don’t need anything else at all other than that really.

Thanks …

Try PeppermintOS

Thanks Mark …
I tried Peppermint but there’s just too much stuff that I don’t need. Just want a browser (preferably Chromium) and not much else. Precise Puppy works good on USB - is there anything as slim as that I can install ? …

Hi frater perdurabo

You can always remove what you don’t require it’s very easy to remove as well as install software in Linux

However if Peppermint is not to your liking you can have a look at Slitaz you can download it here I tried it once before and thought it was very good but a little too basic for my tastes but it may suit your needs better

Good luck


You could try Chrome OS, I’m 99% sure that you can install it on non-Chromebooks

Are you sure you tried Peppermint and not Mint ?

Peppermint doesn’t come with much installed locally on the hard drive … a few system tools, but the apps are mainly just web shortcuts.

Thanks for your suggestions.

It was Peppermint 3 which I tried but it seemed a bit clunky and overweight for what I need and very slow on my old Acer machine. I may try Peppermint 4 and see if I can strip it down.

I looked into Chromium OS but seems a bit technical for me - doesn’t that have to be built from code within an existing OS? Is there a ready built ISO that I can download somewhere?

Slitaz may be more suitable for me - will have a go and let you know how I get on.

I would throw in CrunchBang. It is minimal, light and superfast. The last time I used it it was running in 60mb (ish) memory at idle.

Thanks SeZo - CrunchBang looks good.
I have just installed Peppermint 4 which does seem to be a bit faster than Peppermint 3 which I had on previously.
I partitioned the (40Gb) HDD so have about 20Gb of free space to install Slitaz and CrunchBang as well (hopefully). If I don’t break it (!) I’ll compare the three and let you know which I like the best.

Hmm … no luck with installing SliTaz … can’t even boot into any of the “Live” options - says kernel image not found.

I used Unetbootin to create a bootable USB and this is what I get when using the “Default” option …

(I have Peppermint 4 already installed - hda1 is swapspace and hda2 is OS)

Any suggestions? I tried “root=hda3” as a boot option - that doesn’t seem to work either.


edit - hda3 is unformatted free space - do I need to create a new partition and format that first ???

I’ve always found unebootin a bit hit and miss so you can try usb live creator to install Slitaz, I not sure if it’s installed by default in Peppermint 4 but if not you can find it in synaptic listed as usb-creator-gtk

Good luck


Thanks Graeme - will give it a go.

Hmm … tried it but still getting the same error messges … I did use the Wind*ze version …

I should point out I’m sending these posts from my almost about equally ancient (Vista) Dell machine which is also on it’s last legs.

What version of Slitaz did you download could you post a link ?


I used the link posted earlier in this thread … is there another one I should use ?

Try here and download Slitaz RC2 under “Quick Download”, I downloaded that earlier today and installed it to a USB drive and it booted ok

Might be worth a try

Good luck


Thanks Graeme … downloading now …

Not working … getting errors …

Will try CrunchBang …

That’s unfortunate there must be something about your system Slitaz doesn’t like and I don’t know what else to suggest,

Good luck with Crunchbang