Best mobile operator for Linux?

Ok, it’s starting to get a little silly now … “Virgin” are referring customers with Linux problems to the Linux help line, “Three” are actually transferring calls, neither seem to be explaining that what the Linux help line is for and Three appear not to even be telling customers they’re being transferred out of “Three”…

So … I’m going to try to approach “a” mobile company with a view to seeing if they’re up for some sort of formal agreement … anyone have any views re; which operator is “best” when it comes to using 3G connections with Linux … ?? (and also which devices work the best?)

Anyone found devices they simply can’t make work ??

Ref; I’m using “Three” with a Huawei 220, have been for a number of years … works out of the box on Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04 …

That sounds awesome! :slight_smile: Glad it’s going well!

It’s hard to say. Orange phones just seem to ‘work’ most of the time, never needed to use support… but quite a lot of their stuff is very business oriented (we have our own account manager with them here)

Vodaphone seem to do good 3G stuff, dongles etc. They also sell femtocells, which is quite cool. (And I wish orange would, reception at the DC is terrible.)

A quick look around suggests “Three” have the best prices, but it’s often said they have the worst coverage.

O2 on the other, have the best coverage but some of the worst prices… customer reviews place them low too.

It would help to know which dongles they are all handing out ATM.

At least Three have the E585 mi-fi, which as you connect to it with a wireless connection rules out compatibility issues… except (AFAIK) they need to be “activated” on a windows box first… expensive, but allows more than 1 connected device at a time.

Ok, better and better … turns out TalkTalk are doing it too!

Just had a call from someone who spent 40 mins talking to talktalk support in the Phillipines of all places, who eventually referred her to the support number.
(trying to connect her kit’s Acer laptop running Edubuntu [as provided by the school?] to her TalkTalk wireless router)

Click on network manager, connect, enter WPA key as written on router, wait 20 seconds …

Don’t know which is scarier, the fact we’re getting the calls or the fact their support department failed to do this in 40 mins over the phone … :o