Best router for 1G speed?{ Solved}

I try to connect my PC and iPhone to my 1G net speed, so I bought AC1750 TP-LINK router but my iPhone speed is about 400Mbps !!! there is 400Mbps missing! Is that OK or there are something to do?
** My provider give just Media convertor not router

When you say “1G net speed” what do you mean ? … is that the speed of your internet connection ? … or the speed of the routers internal LAN sockets ?

Are you connecting to your router via wireless ?

Hello Mark:
1Gbps is internet connection speed through optical fiber then Media convertor after that 1Gbps cable to my router, if I take off this cable and connect it to my laptop the speed is about 860Mbps but if I remove it and connect to AC 1750 router the wifi speed is about 300-400 Mbps

I’m assuming you’re connecting to your router via wireless “N” (802.11n) ?
(as I seriously doubt an iPhone has wireless AC)

Wireless N tops out at about 450Mbps and that’s a mximum in an ideal situation … it’s much more likely to top out in the real world at about 150 - 250Mbps … and remember your routers wireless bandwidth is shared between ALL connected devices.

If you’re getting a 400Mbps wireless connection I’d consider that briliant.

Even wireless AC is unlikely to give you a 1Gbps connection specially if there are multiple devices connected to the router.

My iPhone 6s has AC connection and I choose 5G network. so I think its ac network !!
and if I have 1Gbps connection what is the actual speed of my iPhone ?

Whatever the local conditions allow … even on AC 1300Mbps is only a theoretical maximum at burst speeds and you’re highly unlikely to ever achieve anywhere near it

so if 1300Mbps is the theoretical speed , what is the actual speed ? or how can I measure that speed?
also is it normal to get 400Mbps from 1Gbps if the router is near me ( less than 1m)

Yes it is … read the link I gave you.

In our experience wireless n performance tends to top off around 50-150Mbit and our reviews of draft 802.11ac routers have typically found performance to be closer to 250-300Mbit

Aha, but why they told us the speed is 1200 or even 1900?

Because the way wireless works allows marketing executives to confuse the heck out of you with “theoretical maximums” on the packaging that look good but don’t give an accurate representation of what you should expect in a “real world” scenario.

It’s not a blatant lie … wireless AC is capable of a THEORETICAL MAXIMUM of 1300Gbps … and I guess they have to measure it ‘somehow’.

But you’re never going to achieve that theoretical maximum with a single connection (or even at all, unless you’re in a room shielded from all other radio interference and under other IDEAL conditions)

You MAY get closer to the routers wireless maximum with say 3 devices all connecting at 400Mbps … but even then I’d expect more like 3 x 250 … which may show “bursts” of data a bit faster.

If you haven’t already realised marketing executives use every trick at their disposal to “twist the truth” in their favour, you’re in for a lot of disappointment in your life and are FAR too trusting :wink: