Best website builder for a quick TEMPORARY website


I am going to build a website using wordpress but I need to find instructions and take some time doing that.
For reasons I do not want to get into I need to put up a temporary website that is not submitted to the search engines. I will wait until I get my wordpress website up and then submit that to the search engines.I also checked Website builder video for help, but wasnt satisfied.
I was wondering if you think that could be useful for building a very temporary website that I could quickly dismantle once I get my wordpress site up and running?
Would there be any problems with my domain name or my host or the search engines if I did the above strategy. I just need to bounce this off of some of you to see what you think.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

I can’t see a problem if you use your own domain name with weebly … if you use one of their free ones you’ll likely have issues transferring it later.

Oh, and even though you don’t “register” with search engines, their spiders will still crawl the site eventually … not that that’s a major issue if you keep the same domain.