[BINNED] Runnung Kubuntu 14.04, is it safe to install a newer GTK

I’m having issues with Firefox.
The issue is the ‘tooptips’, they are appearing as black-on-black.


I’ve been on the Mozilla forum and someone sugegsted I upgrade to the next GTK Theme (Currently 3).
Would it be OK to do that or would it make the system unstable?

It’s probably a KDE thing … but I don’t know how KDE handles applications that use Gtk for the theming.

Something similar happens in Firefox in Gtk distros when using a dark theme … hence why we have the Firefox Theme Lock in Peppermint (which locks Firefox to a light theme even when the system is set to a dark theme).

Actually that might work … force Firefox to use a different Gtk theme.

Wanna try ?

Looks like it’s some sort of bug, which has been around for some years now as I’ve seen many others ask for a fix of the problem.