Black screen Solved

I was looking at fleebay when my laptop froze then it went to a text screen and the last line said Kernel panic switched to text console or something like that. I tried Alt-PrtSYS and REISUB but nothing. I held the power button down to switch off. turned it on again got the purple screen where I can change to windows if wanted. It would not boot in Ubuntu then came up with some text that I cannot remember, Abort, press any key to continue. But nothing did anything. Power button to turn off and now when I turn on I only get a black screen. If I leave it turned on then it beeps once every 15 sec. I cannot get into the bios ether.
I now think the beeps were it just going flat as it is now on mains power and not beeping (donky or what).
Any idlers what’s wrong with it?

So you’re not even being presented the BIOS (or manufacturer logo) screen ?


Left it turned off for about 3 hrs. turned it on to and it is now working fine. I am putting this up and doing a backup before I turn it off again to see if it starts again.

Mark, No, I got nothing no bios no maker name nothing at all. The cpu fan stated the cd clicked and buzzed as normal but that was it. I thought maybe the screen was dead and it may boot as normal just no screen, turn on left it, enter password, left it, quick press power button that normally brings up the shut down box and press enter to shut down, Nothing, even the REISUB did nothing.

I have no idea if it was too warm but only been on for 20 min or if it was just feeling that way out.

Very weird :o

even the REISUB did nothing.

Nope, nothing short of a hard power off/reset will get you out of a kernel panic.

I have now tried rebooting into Ubuntu and windows, all is fine. I have found out that windows was hibernated not shut down and it was wanting to install updates on shut down. Maybe something to do with it, but I don’t really have any idea.
It all seems to be working ok now. So I presume it is sorted, although I would like to know what it was.

Hibernation used to be a real pain (well, broken), especially dual-boot systems. Which version of Ubuntu & windows is this?