Blank windows

I am having problems, I am resizing things manually and by clicking on Maximise and getting the same result, they are openning to the full size and just showing a white background?
I have to manually resize them down until something actually appears, sometimes, e.g.using the browser, I have to use the slider bar to see the rest of the image.
Is there something I am missing?


Hmm … sounds like an NVIDIA drivers issue … or Compiz.

Can you go to “Additional Drivers” (search for it in the Application Lens), and tell me what is listed, and which are marked as Active.

Can you also try logging off … then when you are at the login screen, highlight your username, but don’t enter your password yet … now at the bottom of your screen, there should be an option you can change from Ubuntu to Ubuntu (no effects) … change it to Ubuntu (no effects), enter your password and log on … has the problem gone.

It may be that we need to update the NVIDIA drivers.

What was your graphics card again ?

I tried (I think), logging off by clicking on my name in the drop-down menu at the top right and the screen just went white!
The drivers list is;
NVIDIA accelerate graphics driver (Version 173)
NVIDIA accelerate graphics driver (Version 96)
NVIDIA accelerate graphics driver (post release updates)(Version 96-updates)
NVIDIA accelerate graphics driver (post release updates)(Version current-updates)
NVIDIA accelerate graphics driver (Version current)[Recommended]
NVIDIA accelerate graphics driver (post release updates)(Version 173-updates)

I had previously installed the one in bold but after un-installing it and rebooting, I can maximise my windows no problem
just looking at the list here, should I install the one above too!


Definitely a driver issue then … what is your graphics card ?

and which version of Ubuntu are you using ?

It’s an nVidia 6200 Turbocache.

OK, from what I gather, 11.10 currently has the 280 drivers installed, maybe you should try either of the 173 drivers (they are supposed to support the 6200 turbocache cards), personally I’d go for the post release ones.

another option would be to add this PPA:
which has the 285 drivers.

If you need help … just ask.

I’ll give the 173 a try, it does actually ring a bell, I think thats the one I used under Windows.