Bleachbit {Solved}

Previously used bleachbit on Ubuntu ect.for cleaning up.

Is this suitable for Peppermint…?.


As far as I know yes.

I’ve used it with Peppermint 3 and 4 no problems. I did have issues with Ubuntu though, which is strange as Peppermint is based on Ubuntu.

Have run bleachbit …system working fine.

Thanks Guys.

Jocklad :slight_smile:

For the small part I played … you’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you consider it so, please don’t forget to mark the topic (SOLVED) :wink:
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I know it wasn’t really a problem, more a question, but it still helps people with the same question find an answer they can trust … it also help people on here know the topic no longer requires attention.

I thank you kind sir :slight_smile: